The book of Sound Horizon


Laurants from all over the world teamed up to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sound Horizon's Major Debut by paying a tribute to the fandom.

The Book of Sound Horizon and You is a commemorative limited edition book that celebrates the bonds of friendship formed through music. All Laurants who took part in the project will receive one copy of the book as a present.


Format: Paperback A5 B/W
Length: ~100 pages

Dispatch to fans will start soon.


We want this book to be a keepsake for all Laurants to remember what Sound Horizon and its fandom means to us. Make sure to keep it with you for many years and give it a quick read every now and then - it has your words in it!



The book is available for FREE to everyone who took part in the project. Anyone else wishing to obtain a copy of the book can purchase it at a fixed price of 15.00 USD*. However, only orders placed before the 26th of June 2015 will be accepted. Please see below for more information.

Production costs of the physical books will is covered by White Crow. Donations of $5 or more are open for any Laurant who voluntarily wants to help covering the costs of posting a book to each participant.

* Only those who completed Tasks 1 and 2 from the Fan Project are entitled to a copy of the book for free. Anyone else wishing to purchase the book for 15.00 USD will have to send an email to after placing the Book Request quoting the username used for the order.




(Disclaimer: The Book of Sound Horizon and You - Sound Horizon 10th Anniversary Fan Project is not supported, approved or related in any way to SOUND HORIZON, RAP PRODUCTS, INC. or PONY CANYON)