Last Sunday (August 27th) was Sound Horizon’s first LIVE concert in Korea! This is SH’s first show outside Japan, which means nothing but TERRITORIAL EXPANSION!

Sound Horizon started releasing Korean licensed editions of their albums in late 2009 (Moira being the first in November 2009) and opened the Korean fanclub in June 2010.

This is the setslit of the concert:


08/27 @ AX-KOREA (Seoul, Korea)

 Opening Theme “Revive”  All cast
 MC – Vocalist introduction
 Asa to Yoru no Roman  Revo, KAORI, YUUKI
 Bara no Tou de Nemuru Himegimi  Mikuni Shimokawa, MIKI, KAORI as Prince
 Kono Semai Torikago no Naka de  Joelle, Revo
 Miezaru Ude  KAORI, Joelle
 Utsukushiki Mono  YUUKI
 Kanojo ga Majo ni natta Riyuu  MIKI
 Majo to Lafrenze  Mikuni Shimokawa, MIKI
 Stardust  KAORI
 Prayer  Instrumental
 Ori no Naka no Yuugi  MIKI
 Kimi ga Umarete kuru Sekai  Joelle, Mikuni Shimokawa, YUUKI as narrator
 Fuyu no Dengon  Revo
 Rein no Sekai  All female singers
 MC – Revo eating Kimchi
 Dorei Ichiba  All female singers
 MC – Musician introduction
 The Endia & The Knights  All female singers
 MC – Seikanchou Tunnel dance explaination
 Sunawachi…Seikanchou Tunnel  Revo
 MC – Anthem dance (?) explaination
 SHK National Anthem  All cast, Audience
 Revo’s words
 Revive  Audience

The singers attending in this concert were: Revo (as Hiver, and then as Revo himself), KAORI (as Violette), Joelle (as Elisabeth von Wettin), Mikuni Shimokawa (as Nobara Hime), MIKI (as Therese von Ludowig and Alte-Rose), YUUKI (as Hortense).

During the final MC, Revo said some words in Korean: Dangsindeul eun naui gugmin iya (당신들은 나의 국민이야) which means “All of you are my citizens!”. However, there was a Japanase-Korean interpreter during the MC’s so that the audience could understand Revo’s (and the other members’) words. At one point, KAORI was moved into tears by the emotion (didn’t this happen as well during the last MC of the Triumph of 2nd Territorial Expansion?).

Unlike Japanese Laurants, it was reported that Korean Laurants cheered and chorused really loud!

Yay for the first Sound Horizon overseas concert!