Along with this series of re-productions, started by the release of Selection Story CD “Chronology [2005-2010]” and the annoucement of a re-release of the first Sound Horizon DVD “Elysion ~ Welcome to Rakuen Parade”, Sound Horizon has also re-released the Photobook & DVD box that went on sale on 2008 covering the 2nd Territorial Expansion.

This piece of glory, officially titled Sound Horizon [Triumph] – From The Great Invasion of Territorial Expansion & Triumph, features an all-color A4 sized 204-page photobook with pictures from the whole 2nd Territorial Expansion tour, and a DVD with a selection of footage from the three Triumph concerts that wrapped up the tour, much of which you’ve already watched thousands of times on YouTube.

If you’d like to get a copy of the Photobook, you can buy it now from CDJapan as a special order (since it is not available to buy from stores):

★ Buy the Triumph Photobook & DVD at CDJapan!

Sound Horizon Around The World!


After a big effort from all the people participating in the project, we can now proudly say that Hiver is already on his World Trip, which will bring him to 22 different countries during the following 2 years.

He stayed in Valladolid, Spain for a while where he was having his tatooes done by TsubasaNoYoru, and had plenty of time to do some sightseeing, as you can see here:

Then, he travelled all the way to Barcelona, where I (Kurobara) hosted him in his quick trip to the Mediterranean shore before heading to the USA. He had time, though, to go see the beautiful Sagrada Familia!

And, as I write these lines, Hiver has just landed in South Grafton, MA where, due to an unfortunate problem of availability, he won’t have time to take a photo. However, his next host Kita On’Nanoko is eagerly waiting for him to get to her place during the following days.

This is the schedule of Hiver’s first phase of the trip:

  1. Valladolid, Spain (TsubasaNoYoru)
  2. Barcelona, Spain (Kurobara)
  3. South Grafton, MA (towards.eternity)
  4. Clyde, OH (Kita On’Nanoko)
  5. Trenton, MI (Koeji)
  6. St. Louis, MO (allenby)
  7. Atlanta, GA (Cat)
  8. Jasper, GA (Stevie)
  9. Philadelphia, PA (capslockqueen)
  10. Toronto, Canada (Calvin Ung Ung)

The next phase of the rounte will be announced soon!