This past Sunday was the live debut of Linked Horizon, Revo’s new tie-up project.

A couple months after the release of Luxendarc Shokikou, Luxendarc Daikikou and the BRAVELY DEFAULT Original Soundtrack, Revo hosted a show at Yokohama Arena in Kanagawa featuring music from the single, the album, and the OST. Along with the band and the singers, the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra (directed by Akira Senju) was also present in stage.

The setlist went as follows:

  1. Theme of the Linked Horizon
  2. Luxendarc Kikou
  3. Main Theme of Bravely Default (Orchestra)
  4. Field theme medley (Orchestra)
    1. The land of light and darkness
    2. Ship theme
    3. Airship theme
  5. Battle theme medley
    1. Bells of battle
    2. To the end of the battle
    3. Kano Mono no Na wa…
    4. Victory theme (Joy of victory)
  6. Utsuro na Tsuki no Shita de
  7. Hana ga Chiru Sekai
  8. OST theme medley
    1. Crystal darkness/crystal glow
    2. The day when the wind blew
    3. Tension
    4. Under the Flag of the Duchy
    5. Foolish Deed
  9. Kimi wa Boku no Kibou
  10. Kaze no Yukue
  11. Hinadori
  12. Ai no Hourousha
  13. Jun’ai <3 Juuji Houka
  14. Last Boss Battle medley
    1. Wicked Battle
    2. Wicked Flight
    3. The Serpent that Soaks the World
  15. Hikari e Mukau Ballad
  16. Member introduction
  17. ENCORE: Sunawachi… Hikari wo mo nigasanu Ankoku no Chou-juu-ryoku.


Reportedly, the audience stayed fairly quiet during the noon show, while all of it was standing up and cheering during the evening show. It spanned over about 2,5 hours of music. Along with the singers and musicians, the child actress that appeared in the PV also went on stage on certain moments of the performance, as well as an actress that portrayed Agnes during one of the orchestral performances.

There will be detailed reports in the forum, so you can check this thread for more information.

As in all big-scale concerts, the performance was recorded (as it is shown in big screens) but there is no information of a hypotetical DVD release.