Last Sunday, Sound Horizon made its highly anticipated comeback to the stage at the Saitama Super Arena, where Revo’s Halloween Party took place! Not only was this the first live show by Sound Horizon in two years, but also the biggest one, as the Saitama Super Arena holds more people than any other venue Sound Horizon has ever performed in.

The setlist of the concert, which also marked the 9th anniversary of Sound Horizon’s major debut, included many songs that have never been performed live before. Needless to say, the three songs from the new Maxi Single were the first to be played.

Revo’s Halloween Party – 2013/10/26 Concert setlist

1. Hoshi no Kirei na Yoru New Maxi Single
2. Asa made Halloween New Maxi Single
3. Oyasumi Lenny New Maxi Single
4. Shiseru Monotachi no Monogatari Moira
5. Hajimari no Chronicle Chronicle 2nd
6. Ishidatami no Akeki Shaytan Seisen no Iberia
7. Asa to Yoru no Roman Roman
8. Shuutan no Ou to Isekai no Kishi Shonen wa Tsurugi wo…
9. Theme of the Linked Horizon Luxendarc Daikikou (LH)
10. Guren no Yumiya  Jiyuu e no Shingeki (LH)
11. Jun’ai ♡♥ Juuji Houka  Luxendarc Daikikou (LH)
12. Chihei wo Kurau Hebi Bravely Defauly OST (Revo)
13. Kono Semai Torikago no Naka de Ido e itaru Mori e itaru Ido
14. Yoiyami no Uta Marchen
15. Umi wo Watatta Conquistadores LIVE song
16. Stardust Elysion
17. Shoukan to iu Gishiki Leviathan
18. Shikei Shikkou Leviathan
19. The Beast of the Endness Leviathan
20. La Ragazza col Fucile Poca felicita
21. Ibitsu na Shinen, sono na wa New song (Bravely Default?)
22. Member introduction/Asa made Halloween
23. Chou-juu-ryoku LIVE song
24. National Anthem

Isn’t that awesome, many seasoned Laurants would agree that this is very close to the “perfect SH setlist”. Most songs were not played buy their original singers, as the lineup for this show was strangely non-SH. Now, there isn’t much we can do but hope for a DVD to be released, so we can all enjoy this concert someday.