We are two months away from the day of the Sound Horizon Major Debut 10th Anniversary.

Today, we would like to introduce all overseas Laurants to the Fan Project that White Crow is preparing for the occasion. This time, our project will be substantially different from anything else we have done before, and it requires the participation of a large number of Laurants for it to be a success.

The full details of the project, titled Sound Horizon and You, will not be unveiled until the 27th of September. However, submissions to take part in the first stage are already open:


Visit the special page of the project here: https://sh-whitecrow.sudrien.net/10th.html

This project is not a collab video or a chorus. This project requires no special skills, and is made for all Laurants to take part in. If you are a Sound Horizon fan, don’t miss this!