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Project → Completed !

Dear Laurants, The 「White Crow × All Laurant Project」 worlwide collaboration has finally reached an end. Thanks to everyone who got involved! All the details, the final presents, and deeper thoughts → in the special page. »

The “Revive” Laurant Chorus evolves into a collab project between Japan and Overseas

The deadline for our “Revive” Laurant Chorus project coincided with the opening of this year’s All Laurant Project in Japan. briefly, All Laurant Project is the coordinator of fan presents to Sound Horizon in Japan. This year, however, White Crow and all international Laurants will have the chance to connect... »

Photos from the Korean message gathering project!

The project to gather messages by laurants from all over the world to congratulate Sound Horizon on their Korean debut went great! And we have some photos to see how it turned out. Thanks to BEN (benparang) and Rekki, the leaders of this project, for the hard work and the nice photos! This... »

Follow our new Twitter account! @SH_Kingdom

For all Twitter users, we now have a twitter account as well. @SH_Kingdom! It will be like @SHK_unofficial, but in English. This means news feed, information and all SH-related media in English! Be sure to follow us! »

Some fansite updates!

Our diggers are working full-time to have the fansite 100% active very soon! It’s time to make some report of the latest updates. While the site is still in medium speed, we’re doing some inprovement! Lyrics & Translation is up! divided in two different pages. The Lyrics will be directly... »

The new version of White Crow is now open!

Welcome to the new Sound Horizon International Fansite, or White Crow! After some months of working for this update, now we can say we have a decent, php-based, and much more comfy fansite for us, SH overseas fans. Some sections are still empty or incomplete, but not for long. Also,... »