As it was announced on Twitter a fre days ago, White Crow will be joining forces with the Korean 10th Anniversary project “Our Parade will Never Stop”!

Many of you will remember that three years ago, when Sound Horizon made its live debut in Korea, we took part in a joint project with Korean Laurants to send messages to Revo. This time, the occasion is the 10th anniversary!

Our Parade Will Never Stop is a large-scale project divided into several parts. The part in which White Crow will be participating is message-gathering. Here is how to participate:

  • You can submit: A message about Sound Horizon’s 10th Anniversary, a handwritten note or a piece of fanart based on A Sound Horizon album, or a message to Revo.
  • You message has to be within 1000 characters, or 400 characters for Japanese.
  • If you send in a picture or a scan, please make it over 1000px because they will all be printed off and we want them to look good! You may also want to be sure the file is not in RGB as the colors might look off.
  • You can write in any language you want. However, your message won’t be translated into English or Japanese in any case.

How to submit your message/fanart:

Send an email to

Include your name, your message / scan / fanart attached, your country (and if you can, mark your country on this blank world map!). All messages will be included in the final present to Revo, as long as you follow the rules above!

If you want to know more about the project, you can contact the organizing team via email (, on Twitter (@tributeSH) or on their blog:

This is the first 10th Anniversary project we participate in : ) The official White Crow project for the 10th Anniversary of Sound Horizon will be announced next week, so stay tuned for more info!