Sound Horizon recently opened its official LINE group.

On the 1st of July, the numbers “10018294” appeared in a message. Lots of speculation brought fans to think that an announcement would be done on the 7th of July, the day of Tanabata in Japan.

On the 7th of July, the following message was posted on LINE:

“If there was a world out there that was falsely similar to ours, would you like to know it?”

Yesterday, an image of a chair in front of a huge clock was posted, along with another message.


“[ Falsely similar Horizon-LINE ] Stars lit up in the sky. The LINE towards a falsely similar Horizon-LINE might connect both worlds in a near future.”

The whole Sound Horizon fandom has lost it with the new riddle, which is not the first one used by the band to anticipate a new release. The position of the clock and its shadow suggests (among many other things) that this all bears relation to the upcoming 8th Horizon, although no announcements have been done regarding that.

Why falsely similar?

When it comes to taking words as hints, any meaning that is lost in translation (from Japanese to English, in this case) might have bigger consequences than usual. The words falsely similar are a good example of this.

What does falsely similar exactly mean? The original word in Japanese, nitehi naru (似て非なる) is actually a common word in Sound Horizon vocabulary. Normally, this word is used to label all characters that are actually portrayed by Revo (or other members) in a Sound Horizon live. Instead of being “Revo as Shaytân” or “Jimang as Savant”, these characters are treated as separate entities that are not the actual person portraying them. This also includes any mix of two characters that often appear in Sound Horizon lives (e.g. Jimang as Leontius, the mix of Hiver and Shaytân also known as Hivetan, and many others).

When the cast for a Sound Horizon live is announced, it always includes the line “and other falsely similar individuals” at the end, meaning these characters that, in fact, are just one of the singers in disguise. Or are they?

The reason why this word is being now used to talk about a Horizon or a World is still unknown.